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Guido Bird

Guido Weiss Memorial Conference On Harmonic Analysis

October 8, 2022 -- October 9, 2022

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Conference Funding

We very recently received word that our NSF grant proposal for the Oct. 8-9 Guido Weiss Memorial Conference on Harmonic Analysis will be funded. Professor Brett Wick wrote the proposal and deserves all of the credit for its success. The grant funds will be used to provide at least partial coverage of Conference travel and living expenses for young mathematicians (graduate students, post-docs, junior faculty) who wish to attend the conference. Those who wish to apply for funding should send an e-mail to Edward Wilson and Brett Wick giving the date (or expected date) of their Ph.D. conferral, name of their dissertation advisor, a one paragraph dissertation abstract, and an estimate of their Conference expenses.

Classroom for Conference

All of the Conference talks will be given in Crow 201, a large classroom in Crow Hall, the physics building. This room is fully equipped with videotaping and projection equipment. It seats roughly 200 people and has good sight lines so we will be able to accommodate seating on an every-other- chair basis. Throughout the day on Oct. 8 and 9, coffee will be available either at the back of Crow 201 or in the Mathematics Department Lounge. Crow Hall is located just a few steps from the back door of Cupples I, the mathematics building.

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